This is a Yu Yu Hakusho blog! I will try to only post YYH stuff on here, occasionally personal but that is not what this blog is about so it'll be limited (mainly if I get asks on this blog) so I hope you enjoy your stay. I will attempt to post pictures everyday of screen shot's I've taken or at the very least reblog someone elses if I don't have time :).

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I think I saw those boots on Pinterest. 

Episode 110 - A Reason to Fight

Yomi: I know that weak blast couldn’t of done this. No, there’s something else draining all the passion out of you now. What could it be?

Episode 76 - Kuwabara: Awakening

Seaman: So many horrifying things marching across that giant screen. You don’t know how we really are. What we’re capable of. I saw it all. If you saw it you’d think differently too. You’d understand we’re doomed.

Episode 62 - Toguro’s Full Power

Episode 44 - Yusuke’s Final Test

Episode 25 - Kuwabara’s Fight of Love

Picture Drama

Kurama: I’ve decorated the room with roses. Oh, but be careful… a beautiful rose has thorns.

Picture Drama

Yusuke: Keiko and Botan… Even Koenma is there.
Kurama: We can’t back out even if we want to, eh?

Episode 107 - The Demon World Tournament Begins

Episode 32 - Knife-edge Death Match

Chu: The winner is the last bloke standin’. Ya think that you can handle that?